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Life Unknown (New story just out of boredom)

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Life Unknown (New story just out of boredom)

Post by SweetAngel on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:07 pm

Have you ever felt like you’re just here sitting thinking of what your life will do to you over time? Well that's what I thought about 125 years ago. I'm Natalie Silver; I'm just an ordinary girl like any other. You may think me and my family are crazy. I have a sister who is the same age as me yes she’s my twin. Makia silver, Then there is my annoying brother Mike Silver. It’s just the three of us because our parents died in a car accident. Come to think of it it’s hard to be just the three of us when we always argue. My sister Makia, well let’s say she is a fighter in ways no one wants to know. She is kind in her own way she doesn't have many friends but she hides her main problem well all three of us do. It has been 125 years has it not? Well we are a family of vampires. We hide who we are and try to blend in. My brother Mike, now he’s a little hyper at times. As well the sporty person in the family. He plays football, soccer, and tennis. We can never get him to sit still for one second. My sister never does anything but hides in her room being gloomy. But the last couple of years she has been more openly. She won’t say why she is though. She’s sometimes very secret on everything she does. I mean she is never herself any more than she used to be. Now Me Well let’s see. I'm the popular girl everyone talks about. The head Cheerleader and everything. But one thing I don't have is the guy who I stumble over every day at school. He is super sweet. And I got him to talk about his past. Apparently he is like me a vampire in hiding. That just makes me happier. But yet he’s with someone. He won’t say who it is either. I suspect someone but I will never know.

I hear a light knock on my door of my room filled with all the posters of every movie I saw. "Who is it?" I asked as I put my journal down. And walked over to my door quietly.

"Your brother who else?" Mike said as I opened my little blue door. He looked down at me. "Makia has been acting weird lately. She’s been ignoring everything we have planned. Never been home since Wednesday." He told me. That made me a little made.

"Not again Makia." I grumbled. My Suctions might be right then. Verik Airsmith the one I had a crush on has been with Makia for 7 years now. I grab my keys, phone, and purse. "I'll go find her. And If I do. She’s in major trouble." I said to mike."

"Be Easy on her Sis. You never know Alright."

"I'll try." I sighed and headed out. I walked to my 2004 jeep and started her. I was going to find my sister or so help me.

*Makia POV*

This has been the sweetest 8 days I have been away from my sister and brother. I held Verik's hand as we walked by the movie theater after watching Black Death. I loved it when he was there through the whole movie. Just as we got to his car I saw my sister’s jeep. "Aw come on really." I mumbled. I heard his little laughter. When she pulled up to where I was she stared me down. I sighed. "Fine, Fine You win again sister." I snarled a bit. He whispered he would see me tomorrow with a surprise. I smiled. Then my sister impatiently honked the horn to get my attention. He kissed my cheek before going to his car now. I went to the jeep and opened the door and climbed in. She drove us back to the house and didn't say a word. When we got back Mike was waiting outside with his arms crossed. I sighed.

"Just Because I'm the youngest doesn't mean I need to be looked after 24/7." I said before they said anything.

They both just looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about. But yet I do know. I waited for them to say something. But nothing was said. I walked into the house and to my room. My room looks like any Goth teenager's room. I sat on my bed just as I got a text from Verik. I looked at it.

I know how you feel about living with your family. I do have a suggestion. We have been together for 7 years. And I have enjoyed being with you for that long. Tomorrow I will give you the surprise but don’t tell your sister or brother until I say you can.

Love, Verik

I smiled. I loved it when he sends me the sweetest texts ever. I didn't reply right away but I looked around my room and pulled out my laptop. I set it on the little desk I have and turned it on. As it loads up I texted him back.

Thank you. I have lived with them for too long.

I stopped before I went any further. I started over I didn’t want to say that no yet.

alright what time will I meet you tomorrow after school?

I sent it and logged on to my computer and went to Facebook as always. I looked at what I missed and something from Verik not to long ago. It said: I miss my baby girl already. Why did her sister have to ruin the perfect moment. I read it over and over and Smiled at the same time. By then I didn't relise I had a text from him.

Meet me at our secret place. After School.

I just lay on my bed thinking of the time I spent with Verik. I loved him no matter what my family said. He was mine and No one will stop me from living the live I want.

*Natalie’s POV*

I picked up my journal again and looked at what I wrote. The started writing again. As time goes on, we age by the years we have lived. Over time I think of the time where we would not be who we are now without the help of one person. I set the pen down as my sister walked into the room. I looked up at her. Then sighed, I handed her the book we were writing out life stories in. She walked out without saying a word to me. I was going to leave whatever she is going to write up to her. We were writing a book for anyone who wants to know of our past lives. Like for instance Verik. But I highly don’t think he would.

After an hour or so I hear Makia walking back in with the book with latterly 15-30 pages of her writing.

(Its all I have right now. Hope its ok. Imput would be nice please.)

Time over the years is sweet.
Though I wish I was by your side.
As time goes on the more things move on to.
Forever wishing to not lose you.
I don't care what other people say you really have my heart.
I love you forever no matter what.


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Re: Life Unknown (New story just out of boredom)

Post by SweetAngel on Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:39 pm

I looked over it careful about every detail what my sister
writes usually is very expressive and very detailed. So I watched what I read
and didn’t read. I told them both two write me what they remember from the day
about their change into a vampire. My sister Makia was the first to be the one
who was changed first. And this is how her story went.

*Makia’s life story Chapter 1*

This was my first day at school with my family. We were all excited about the first day, but I wasn’t. I never liked the first day of school. I was always the one getting picked at and beat up.

As Always I walked around away from the other two. Spending time to my self was better than what I normally do. I looked around and looked at where my classes were. As I passed new students I heard their nasty comments that I don’t want to hear. I just walked on but they followed. I needed to find my brother and sister before they do something stupid. I never found them before the bell. So I had to find a way to ditch these stupid iodic boys. I found a way with other girls walking their way and they finally stopped following and I headed to class. I saw my brother and sister already in class. I sat beside them not saying a thing.

“There you are sis. Where were you?” Nat asked me.

“Well if you really want to know. I was looking for both of you to help me ditch a couple of boys.” I told her that’s when Mike turned his head in confusion.

“Yep,” I nodded. “They won’t leave me alone any more so any help would be gladly cheerful.”

Looking at what she wrote now from telling us then really worried me now. I sighed and sat ack as I heard my brother and sister arguing again. I got up and slammed my door shut so they didn’t bother me while I read. I picked up the writing again and read it again while I heard the arguments.

The day was going by slow and the second class of the day dealt with both boys. I sighed I tried to ignore them. I couldn’t by the middle of class. They were both next to me talking to me at the same time say things I didn’t and maybe did want to hear. The boy on my left tried three times touching me. I gave a stare down on him. Then while I dealt with him, the other one who teamed up with him, teacher never noticing once or twice I felt a somewhat cold hand on my skin under my shirt. It felt so weird to me I tried to get his hand away but it was too late for that.

I stopped reading for a quick second. No wondered she hated those boys. She wanted to kill them for that or more than that. I shook my head I knew she wrote two days’ worth of what happened to her. I kept reading.

Every class ended with fast paced now. I tried to make my way to the flag pole to meet my brother and sister for lunch. I first headed to my locker and put my backpack away for now. I closed the locker and felt someone close to me. Someone who dared to be this close without me knowing.

“Hello Sweet cheeks.” He told me soothing. I felt his arms and hands finding their around on me. I couldn’t move. His Breathing on my neck made every hair on my neck stand on end.

I was turned to face him. Him as in Verik Airsmith, tall, slim, blond hair with a hint of black in it. The sexist guy in the whole school was on me. He held me so sweetly I didn’t know what to say or do. All I knew from
that day was that he leaned down and kissed me ever so lovingly. With my instincts taking over I kissed him back as his hands moved around.

I pulled myself from reading again. Before it got to in depth. I flipped the page all that first few pages was explaining was how Verik her boyfriend now how they really meet the first time. I felt heartbroken at that it’s not like I didn’t like him back then but certainly not now. I kept reading until I heard a soft knock from my sister I ignored it as I still read she just left me alone after a while. She had a hard past I’ll give her that. But not as bad as the rest of us. I set it down after a while noticing I was actually getting tired. I laid down I would read her second day of school tomorrow after school. By then I was deeply asleep.

*Chapter 2: Makia’s Second day of school*

“Makia Silver!” One Random boy who I didn’t know called. He came up and turned me to face him; he had the brightest smile on his face. He saw what I looked like and was now worried this was Verik’s best friend I trusted. “What happened to you? Man Verik won’t be happy when he sees this girl.”

“I know. Where is he I thought he was with you guys?” I said. Wiping my tears away and looked at him still scared.

“No, we haven’t seen him since we saw him with you this morning.” That scared me more I need him more than ever. Verik’s friend hugged me carefully like I was breakable. Then Heard those boys voices, I jumped.

“Hey there Missy” The boy who mostly who did the things to me while the other two either held me down or watched. I hid behind Ben scared. “Like hiding will do you any good.” I heard a hiss from Ben and the other guys with him. And growls from the others, what world am I in.

I was backing up in fright, as Ben and the boys who were werewolves attacked. Someone grabbed my arms and held me in an interesting head lock. I couldn’t get free; it was one of the wolves. Now I was scared even

“Let me go!” I said and he just laughed. He held me so tight I couldn’t breathe at all that’s when I heard a snap then pain in my body. He was holding my jaw closed that I could not scream out. Everything started to get slowly black. The last thing I saw was someone freeing me and killed the guy who held me. And soft gentle arms around me, I was out before I could say anything. I knew who saved me at that point, a vampire named Verik Airsmith.

I looked up at my sister who walked in now. When I was about to ask her how things got that way, she just pointed to the story to keep reading. Everything about Makia I didn’t know was here in front of me. I felt really bad for her; I took a breath in and read more of what she wrote.

I woke up sore and oddly very thirsty, I looked around I wasn’t home but in someone else’s house and room. I carefully sat up, I looked around seeing someone siting with his back to me. Then recognized his build I smiled. But before I made a sound through my mouth he turned around when he heard me move

“Makia you’re awake.” He said with happy tone, I guess I was glad I was still alive, but I thought I was dead even to myself. He hugged me and helped me up as well. He hugged me still like I was still his fragile little thing. I hugged him back I had so many questions about what happen and how long I was out. “You possible have many questions right?”

“Yes mostly what happen?” I said and waited for his answer

He looked at me and thought for a bit then told me this, “Makia what happen was mostly wolves and vampires fighting for their lives for you. You and your family are prize for years, and what happen to you was that the wolf that held you captive broke your spine. This would have killed you if I hadn’t come and save you, which also explains why you look and feel the way you are now.”

“Wait you mean?” He stopped my words with a nod and a hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t finish my question. I was like him now, explains why I’m so thirsty and not my normal hunger

“Come with my love, and I’ll show how we live before taking you home back to your family. We told them that you hurt yourself on the way home and I took you home for a week.” He led me through the house which was huge and I would get lost so easily.

A week away from those boys, dear god I hope to not deal with them anymore. I followed him quietly thinking to myself as we headed out side to the forest. He showed me how to hunt and everything else I need to know about my new life. I nodded and I would work with the information to get what I need to get through my life without being killed. After a while of spending time with him teaching me about the life he took me home to face my family. Luckily he was going to be there with me to deal with both of my siblings

I watched their reaction when Verik told the history of our family and the dangers we will have to go through. Which was better than I thought they would react, the rest of the day seemed to go on forever as my brother and sister asked questions about a week ago thing, He answered them without trouble like it was only yesterday it happened. I sighed when they were done with the questions so we could let Verik get home. Even in front of them he kissed me. It made me smile that there was someone other than my family I could trust. Just the look on my sister’s face seemed like a hurt to me. My brother was shocked to see that with the youngest being in love first. It made me laugh a little. And I didn’t mind it, I made dinner for them before hiding in my room like I always did to think and know what I was up for the rest of my life. I heard the other to asleep as I sat there thinking about Verik before falling asleep myself.

As I finished reading my sister seemed to smile more than anything. I stood up and hugged her, I knew it was hard to go back and remember that tragic day. It was out head start to our new future.

Time over the years is sweet.
Though I wish I was by your side.
As time goes on the more things move on to.
Forever wishing to not lose you.
I don't care what other people say you really have my heart.
I love you forever no matter what.


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Character sheet: Name: Makia silver (Sweet Ange ) Age: 15 Bio: Unknow Pirate angel life to most. But It all depends on anything you want to know about her.

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