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Potetry Contest!

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Potetry Contest!

Post by SweetAngel on Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:32 pm

Alright this is a smiple explaintory. All you have to do Is post 2 poems in one post and 2 is the limit per person. This ends October 26 2011. This gives alot of time because the 25 is my last game. So Hope to See some good poems out there!

Time over the years is sweet.
Though I wish I was by your side.
As time goes on the more things move on to.
Forever wishing to not lose you.
I don't care what other people say you really have my heart.
I love you forever no matter what.


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Re: Potetry Contest!

Post by Amber rae on Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:12 pm

Poem 1
I loved you and you gave it away like nothing
I am human i feel i love and i cry
I loved with my heart and soul
You loved with your body
I loved with all my might
You loved with all your testaterone
There is a difference between them
I ll alwaays be better then you but ill always love with everyhing in me
You will always "love" with you d!**

Poem 2(its spanish)

Estoy aquí en tus brazos pensando en él
Estoy con usted, pero yo lo quiero
Me encanta todo y te quiero, pero creo que sobre él
¿por qué no puedo yo olvidar
no lo quiero
no te quiero
voy a tener que a mi enbrace
te quiero es verdad
pero ddont sé si lo quiero?

I'm a good girl .....when i want to be Wink Razz
Amber rae

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Re: Potetry Contest!

Post by Crystal Rose on Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:08 pm

Perfect Harmony

I will survive for you
I will survive for me
But the only thing I need
Is perfect harmony
You see me by day
You see me by night
But now I wish that I was dead
Now I wish that I were gone
You destroy my life
You destroy your own
I will not sit and watch you
I will not hear your plea
For now I stand for perfect harmony
Perfection is a myth I know
But for now all I see
Is that you stand there
Waiting for me to be
Once again in perfect harmony
I walk away to only see
The tears of yesterday waiting for me
Walk with me now
For now I see the truth behind perfect harmony
For my harmony has been here all along
For you are my perfect harmony
I stay still as I die
Waiting to see your face
While I hear the cords
While I hear you plea
While I hear you say welcome to perfect harmony

Poem 2

I see you now
I saw you then
Now I say your mine till the end
Love me now as I sing to you
Like I love you
I sing songs of sweet whisper
while my heart beats like a thousand splended suns
I look at the brightest star and think of you
my love my only
say you love me to

Crystal Rose

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Re: Potetry Contest!

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